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Hide My Ass! takes place in the google chrome browser as a button near the address bar as an extension and acts as a web proxy. It allows the current page to be reloaded through its own proxy or offers a form to be filled in with a web address when opening a new tab.

The options of Hide My Ass! propose to use different servers or to make the software choose one randomly. Here’s our review of Hidemass: our test of the popular Hide My Ass! vpn, a popular and historic VPN that has, over the years, lagged behind its rivals until its latest patch.

In 2018, a major patch added quite a few missing features: A one-month trial period, during which you can try HMA for free A browser extension implements a free public proxy: available even for users who do not subscribe to the vpn The “Kill Switch” function: in the features, you can check a box that instructs your internet access to contradict itself if the VPN unfortunately stops working IP Schuffle ( random IP ) : Still in the features, something allows you to automatically alternate servers, so that you automatically change your IP address at a frequency you define, from “every half hour” to “every day”.

From the interface, you can quickly access servers specialised in peer-to-peer and streaming111 HideMyAss is a VPN, a virtual private network that allows you to surf the internet securely and anonymously.

HideMyAss promises you access to blocked sites all over the world and provides you with something to protect your data and give you good anonymity when you surf the internet. Ideal for accessing your favourite sites from abroad, but also for accessing regionally blocked websites from the UK, HideMyAss allows you to choose your virtual nationality from a simple drop down menu. Once activated, your surfing session will take place as usual.

HideMyAss is a VPN compatible on all devices regardless of platform, even on game consoles and televisions with an Internet connection. It is also possible to use it simultaneously on two devices.

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